Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sonargaon Lokoj Jadukhar : Largest Beautiful Place

It Should be Country largest Picnic & tourist place In the Bangladesh. If u want to go there you must go first Mogra para. This Place 30 Kilometers From Dhaka. Sonargaon  was one of the oldest capital of Bengal. It was the Deva dynasty until the 13th Century. From that century onward till the advent of the mughals, Sonargaon was the contributory capital of the Sultanate of Bengal.

Basically This Place name is “Sonargaon Lokoj Jadughar” You must buy a ticket for entry in the place. After that u see 3-4 big size pond in the tourist area some of beautiful Girl manage her won business shop. Some time picnic bus come from very far district as like noakhali, Sylhet Rajshahi etc. Most of people must bring food to come there. If you come winter time then this area every day tourist are visiting there. Full day you visit there no problem. Your Entry fee Only Taka ten.  

“City of Panam" was An additional name of Sonargaon.The Now, the relies of wildings of the old dynasties, Goaldia Mosque and the Folklore Museum that houses artifacts from all cultural trait of the country increase the attractions of this place. 

At Jainal Abedin Museum in Sonargaon, you will find some historical and archeological things. Among the ancient monuments still intact are the vault of Sultan Ghiasuddin (1399-1409 A. D), the shrines of Panjpirs and Shah Abdul Alia and a fine-looking mosque in Goaldi community.

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