Friday, June 15, 2012

Lake Park at Gulshan,Dhaka

Today i write to here one of known visiting area in dhaka city.
Breeze at Gulshan lake Park 
If you want to Fresh Minded Tourist Location In the Dhaka City In side Then You go to Gulshan circle-2 . From Gulshan circle-2 5 Minute Walking Road to North Side there is One Fresh minded Tourist Location Name is Gulshan Lake Park. If you go Visit to gulshan Lake park you see there lot of people every day walking every time.

 From 8.00 Am to 7.00 Pm Gulshan Lake park Is open for Every Person who can visit this Lake park. No Need Ticket & No need Money or entry fee For Use to Any Ride. There are no Ride for kids. For Only Visit the Spot.

Some time there some of  film Director Shooting film & Documentary & Work for Television Program & advertisement. Just Looking Nice & Fresh Minded Day You need to visit Gulshan Lake Park.

There are so many couple Dating Every day come one by one.

Lake park inside One of Lake east side to West side. Lake two side standing all kind of so many big tree. Some time you see there seiling Badam & some kind of dray food. If want this type of dray food you need  Tk.10-Tk.50 only. Lake park Total side is Make a boundary securities for Visitor. 

There are all time Standing Police for visitor Services. One of breeze in lake up. Some people are stay upside in breeze for looked water in the lake.

When sun going to sky under side that time lake seen is very nice & cute.

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