Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chandrima Graden nearby Dhaka Parliament

Breeze in the lake up 
Lake breeze Snap When evening 

Dhaka is a Capital of Bangladesh. 
Here stay lot of people Come from another District. So many people working here. So many kinds. There for here is no Good tourist Zone for foreign Tourist. 

Foreign tourists basically go to Other District Visit. That Means Cox’s Bazaar, Chittagong, sylhet, Rangamathi. Etc.

Today I Inform to all of here Capital Dhaka inside One of good-looking tourist Place For Foreign & Bangladeshi tourist.

This place name of “Chandrima Uddan”  if you want to go there any spot from Dhaka you take a taxi or if u have won car then drive to go parliament of Bangladesh Near “Bijoy sharani” circle then you call any guys for “Chandrima uddan” he must help you. This garden make nearby Bangladesh parliament area. I thing u must understand after seen to area with one is this place. First u see there One of big Lake in east side to west side in south of this Garden. This lake half of one breeze stays to North to South. 

This Breeze good-looking after evening time when electric lighting is action to breeze up side. I am sure, you thing visit to Singapore or any European country any tourist place like this. After this breeze you go to inside of the garden so many natural trees. Lot of Beautiful young couple dating & Drink Coca-Cola, Pepsi & Bangladeshi Dray food “Chatpoti & Fuchka’’ to under the tree. Some Body walking in garden for diet control in afternoon when the sun should be lighting off. Another one is there Mr.Ziaur Rahman sleeping in the garden who was president in Bangladesh.

Some times lot of school student visit this garden as a picnic tour.

If you want to visit this garden no need to entry fee and no need drive car. For walk in garden visitor road in there.

Please note, after evening at 6.30pm you have not possible to stay this garden area.

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